Rain or Shine, Thee to Thine

Welcome Friends and Family,

We are ecstatically running around getting the final details in order, and are looking excitedly forward to this Saturday, July 25th.

Please arrive at 4:30PM, as the ceremony begins promptly at 5:00PM.

We advise that to appease the rain gods, everyone commits an offering on Friday (husk of corn, some rice, prized jewellery) and light it aflame so we can have the ceremony outside.

If your sacrifices/offerings are insufficient, and it does rain, the ceremony will be held inside the White Barn, in a romantically staged backdrop of falling droplets. Just in case, we advise that everyone bring an umbrella so they can walk around a bit without soiling their fancy clothes!

SEE YOU ALL SATURDAY! Directions to the White barn from Toronto are below: If you are coming from elsewhere, type 2791 Bleams Rd. (New Hamburg, Wilmot) into Google Maps.

Love to all!

El Calvino,

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Anonymous said...

I think a wedding in the rain would be really cool!