Dearest friends and family,

Due to recent developments at the IMF and the World Bank, coupled with the emergence of swine flu and the dissolution of worldwide capital markets, Stephanie and Jon-Erik have decided to abandon their registry altogether, and ask instead for contributions to the Lapatch Foundation for the Destitute and Romantic (LFDR).

After careful consideration, they realized while they would love to be showered with gifts from an online catalogue, they have no place to keep said gifts, as their apartment has little space as it is. Essentially, they are asking for a financial bail-out - an investment towards their future plans as a fiscal and genetic conglomeration.

They did attempt to go to the Bay and start the registry process, but Jon-Erik suffered a severe panic attack, and had to be escorted from the premises after trying on numerous raincoats and crying "Where are the plates?! We need to find the plates!"

So, please extend your hearts and pocketbooks and make a donation to the Lapatch Foundation for the Destitute and Romantic, it will be very much appreciated, and will help start a life for the happy couple!

In lieu of financial donations, we will also accept: a handcrafted gift (photography, artwork, song, or otherwise), a hearty handshake or hug, or a contribution in our name to a charity of your choice.

Much love,

El Calvino

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josh said...

i like this :)
you guys are great!